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Bio-Morphologic Evolution Technology

BRONXMRC has successfully developed the process of manufacturing Bio-Morphologic Evolution Technology, BME™ and bonding it to fabric for enhanced performance and protection.

BRONX holds the technical information of solid and the know how of the process required to manage and develop it. Bio-Morphological Evolution Technology, BME™ is a key upstream material with enormous potential for many industry applications. Partnered with A*STAR IMRE on a collaboration route focusing on BME™ modification and the generation of product ideas for cross-industrial application.

Properties of BME™

BME™ could be modified with different propriety recipes to cater to different applications.


Advantages of BME™

Enhance performance of Footwear

high abrasion resistance, anti-slip, high elasticity, hydrolysis resistance, good grip, waterproof, UV-resistant, anti-slip.
It is also environmentally-friendly, lightweight and cost-efficient to manufacture.

Enhance performance & protection in clothing

Stretch fabrics for compression garment. This enhances the anisotropic properties of the apparel by providing a dynamically-controlled and directionally-gradient compression, allowing us to control the stiffness and stretch.

At the same time, also improving the dynamic visual and touch/feel quality of garment allowing consumers to feel the technicality of suit.

Industry Collaboration

A*Star IMRE scientists explores new applications and properties for BME™


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