Bronx Material Research Centre

Our Expertise

Bronx Materials Research Centre is a team of scientists, researchers, engineers, business strategists & designers working together to develop and commercialse innovative technologies, to provide cutting-edge
materials for international brands.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Our research & development team collaborates with top academic and research institutions to bring our products to the next level.

Application Solutions

Application Solutions

Our design team is experienced in diverse industries, understanding user applications and needs.

Problems Solving

Problems Solving

We are in close partnership with international product standard testing facilities and organizations, guaranteeing the quality and development of our products.

Quality Assured

Quality Assured

In partnership with facilities, we can offer quality manufacturing option and solutions for industry clients.

1   Ideation

  • Market Needs
  • Extended Research
  • Feasibility Studies
  • User Application

2   Concept

  • Product Design
  • Applied Engineering
  • Collaborative R & D
  • Specification Listing

3   Engineering

  • Pilot Scale
  • Product Development
  • Materials selection

4   Prototyping

  • Product Refinement
  • Product Integration
  • Specifications

5   Regulatory

  • Product Evaluation
  • Accredited Product Testing
  • Environment / Toxicity
  • Safety

6   Production

  • System & Industrial
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Packaging Design
  • Quality Control
  • Mass Production

How we can work together

We’ve got the specialised knowledge
to commercialise technologies in these areas.

Partnering for Material Innovation

We provide you a glance through our technology and knowledge to inspire interest and ideas

Identify a goal and select relevant technologies to address business objectives with the help of BronxCulture experts

Exploring potential of BronxCulture’s technologies through proof of concept, studies and prototypes

Transfer of technical know-how or IP through licensing to business partners

Partnering for Translation of Material Solution

Clients provide queries or problem statements

Consult & Explore
Explore ideas and customizing solutions with BronxCulture experts

Design and initiate a project upon determining scope of work

Project objectives met and solutions provided by BronxCulture

Ensuring quality solutions are applied effectively to benefit your client’s business