BRONXCULTURE provides industrialization solutions for the research community and specializes in bridging the gap between research and industry. With a team of highly skilled and multi-faceted engineers and scientists who possess capabilities across diverse fields and disciplines such as commercialisation engineering, materials science, and engineering systems design and analysis, we are uniquely positioned to support innovative solutions for the advanced material systems of the future

We handles a wide variety of advance materials, including our Material Research Centre’s patented Bio-Morphologic Evolution Technology (BME), Cellulose Aerogel Technology and Organic Aerogel Technology. We currently operate our materials research labs and manufacturing plants in Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Vietnam.

Our Mission

To be a leading innovation and research centre for materials science and engineering through technology transformation with enhanced materials knowledge dedicated to the advancement of Singapore.

Our Vision

To be a leading innovator in materials and engineering developments and applications.

How we can work together

We’ve got the specialised knowledge
to commercialise technologies in these areas.