May 15

Event: InnovFest unBound 2016

Exhibiting @ Marina Bay Sands, 17-18 May 2016

InnovFest unBound is a two-day conference organised by NUS Enterprise and unBound Media in partnership with the Infocomm Department Authority, covering topics such as the impact of new technologies in finance, healthcare, retail and media, and opportunities in Asian markets. The event attracted about 150 entrepreneurs, investors and tech innovators.

Talk by Dr. Mahesh
Head, Innovation and Research, Bronxculture
Future of Manufacturing
Tue. May 17th 2016
2:00PM – 4:00PM
Future Now Stage
Dr Mahesh is the Head, Innovation and Research, in Bronx Material Research Center (Singapore). He is heading a team of researchers and scientists in conceptualizing new advanced material technologies for up-scaled commercial development. His research interests are mainly focused in developing high performance materials for diverse aerospace and industrial applications. He has keen interest in aerogels and has been developing methods and techniques in aerogel composites using functionalized water soluble polymers. He had participated in the prestigious International Conference on Composite Structures held in Lisbon, Portugal in 2015. He has also co- co-authored and filed a patent titled “Silica Aerogel Composites” while pursuing his Ph.D. in Nanyang Technological University. He had recently published a book with titled ‘Silica Aerogel Composites: Novel Fabrication Methods’ that includes conceptualization of novel Silica aerogel materials and characterization of their properties for applications in thermal, mechanical and acoustic applications.