Jan 09

Bronxculture announces licensing agreement with NUS for Cellulose Aerogel Technology

World’s first cellulose aerogel made of paper waste is now set for commercialisation.

Bronxculture has successfully secured a licensing agreement with National University of Singapore (NUS) for its cellulose aerogel technology. The novel material is the world’s first cellulose aerogel and it is made from paper waste, being biodegradable, non-toxic, and flexible. The material is ideal for applications such as oil spill cleaning, heat insulation as well as packaging, and it can potentially be used as encapsulation materials for drug delivery and as smart materials for various biomedical applications.

An invention by a team led by Duong Ha Minh, Assistant Professor at NUS, the new cellulose aerogel is more green and cost-efficient with an environmentally friendly production process, compared to traditional aerogels.

Working in partnership with NUS, Bronxculture has secured exclusive licensing of the cellulose aerogel with patents in USA, China, India and Southeast Asia. Bronxculture will significantly spur the adoption of cellulose aerogel in thermal insulation, sound insulation and oil absorption across the world.